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McAfee, the most prevalent security arrangement supplier offers top of the line insurance against unsafe online dangers, malware, phishing tricks, Trojan steeds, and different issues. The antivirus continues running out of sight to guarantee that your information, programming, and applications on the PC framework are totally secure. McAfee offers various security arrangements (the subtleties of which are accessible at so as to meet the particular prerequisites of the two customers and organizations. – Enter activation code – Install And Activate McAfee

McAfee offers protection for all the products of Windows. It keeps the system safe from all malware, malicious sites, rootkits, Trojans, and viruses. McAfee antivirus gives you high security and scans all the folders of the users. This protection keeps your system away from hackers. This antivirus removes malware folders which are slowing down your system with its scanning feature. McAfee antivirus has an automatic update feature. If you download McAfee, then it will offer you lifetime protection from malware websites and hackers. Activate the McAfee antivirus product by visiting

Steps for downloading the McAfee antivirus 

Download the McAfee antivirus by following the given steps: 

How to download McAfee online?  
Internet connectivity is compulsory to download the McAfee online on your system. Go through the steps to download the McAfee antivirus online:  

1. Start the default browser which is installed on the system.
2. Open the link Press the “Products” button.
3. A full list of McAfee products will appear on the product webpage.
4. The users can choose the “McAfee products” which satisfy them.
5. Make sure that the chosen McAfee product is compatible with your computer.
6. Read the product instructions given under the “Download” option.
7. After the users confirm their system is supportable to that McAfee product, press the “Buy Now and Download” option.
8. The users have to sign in to their McAfee account, in case they have the account on McAfee.
9. Make a new account on McAfee in case the users don’t have an account.
10. Enter the email ID and a protected password of the McAfee account in the sign on the webpage.
11. A payment webpage will appear on the screen.
12. The users have to type the information of debit or credit card which the like to use while making a payment.
13. The users can also adjust the different methods of payments or save the information of debit or credit cards in their accounts.
14. Once you finish the payment method, click the “Download” button.
15. You will get a link on your registered email ID to start downloading the product.
16. Use that link to download the McAfee product.
17. Go to the “Downloads” file to check whether the McAfee setup is downloaded or not.

How to download McAfee offline? 
If the users want to download McAfee offline, then they have to go to the store to purchase the McAfee product. To download McAfee offline, this means the users will get a disk which includes the McAfee product, and a card is attached to the backside of the product cover with the product key. Go through the steps for downloading the McAfee product:  

1. The users have to insert the McAfee product disk into the optical disk drive.
2. Go through it to start the downloading process of the product.
3. Just wait until the McAfee product completes downloading on the system.

Steps for installing the McAfee antivirus 

Search the downloaded file by going to the “Downloads” folder. Once you complete the download process of McAfee product, start installing it. Follow the given steps of installing McAfee product: 

1. Open the download folder of the computer.
2. Press Control+F. Enter McAfee in the search box.
3. Double-click on the setup files from the search results.
4. Give all the required permissions.
5. Go through the guidelines on the screen for installing the McAfee product to the system.